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Rapid Micro Biosystems Releases Service Pack 2 Software for Growth Direct™

Rapid Micro Biosystems announced the availability of Service Pack 2 software for the Growth Direct™ System. The new release includes both user and industry driven product features that enable Quality Control labs to improve their performance by optimizing workflow and eliminating waste. These capabilities will drive the transformation from manual quality control to an automated, paperless laboratory. New alerting features let the business respond faster to key quality events, such as the early warning of contaminated product samples, improving efficiency, speeding corrective actions and preventing product loss. The paperless QC lab is enabled through seamless LIMS connectivity that automates results recording, data management and reporting, a common source of errors. The system automatically archives results and history, integral to regulatory compliance and critical for traceability and audit-ability. Additionally, custom reporting allows users to tailor reports specific to their laboratory and business needs.

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