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NanoLogix Quick-Tests Detect and Identify Live Bacteria with Improved Accuracy and Speed

NanoLogix, Inc. have introduced the new Quick-Test product line for detection and identification of aerobic live-cell bacteria. With the NanoLogix Quick-Tests, the research community will be able to obtain high-sensitivity analysis results in reduced time with lower costs than traditional technologies. The new NanoLogix Quick Test product line complements the Company´s existing BNP and BNF membrane and filtration technologies with a projected market of medical laboratories, food and beverage producers, pharmaceutical, university and other institutional users.

The NanoLogix Quick-Tests detect and identify a multitude of live-cell bacteria, such as E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria, with the additional capability of rapid identification of yeasts. After a shortened incubation period the ultra thin membrane is transferred to a staining plate where micro-colonies become visible after capillary action through the membrane brings the staining agent into contact with the micro-colonies. The results can be obtained in as little as a quarter of the time of conventional methods, in concentrations potentially as small as a single cell.

Each Quick-Test kit is designed to provide results for fifty individual tests of the targeted bacteria and each test kit is identified by the name of that specific bacteria, e.g., E.coli Quick-Test , Salmonella Quick-Test, etc. NanoLogix currently has Quick Tests available for E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria with additional bacteria Quick-Tests available upon request.

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