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Microbial Assessment of Finished UHT and ESL Products Reduced to 36 Hours

Charm Sciences´ EPIC system provides rapid microbial assessment of finished UHT and ESL dairy and dairy substitute products. Recent advances have reduced the incubation time from 48 to 36 hours for most products. The EPIC (End Product Indicator Charm) system´s faster 36-hour incubation helps manufacturers remediate possible contamination concerns, reduce process line down time and release safe product more quickly.

"EPIC is being used by manufactures of dairy products, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, soups, broths, and nutraceutical beverages around the world," said Donna Stearns, EPIC Product Manager at Charm. "We are excited to provide current and new customers with a faster test which can enhance food safety, and help manufactures increase operational efficiencies and reduce warehouse costs." EPIC provides a sensitive presence/absence test for microbial ATP, a bio-marker of microbiological quality. Test results are captured and stored in real-time with EPICLink software allowing for further trend analysis.

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