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New Market Report States RMM Usage in the Pharma and PCP Sectors Will Double

Strategic Consulting, Inc.
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According to a new market research report from Strategic Consulting, Inc., the global Pharmaceutical (Pharma) and Personal Care Products (PCP) Sectors conducted more than 530 million microbiology tests last year, which resulted in a market value of over $1.8 billion for these tests.

Pharma/PCP—2nd Edition is a follow-on report to the original report published in 2004. As with the first edition, this new report provides detailed information about testing practices for both of these Sectors covering:
  • What type of samples are collected
  • Which organisms are tested
  • A review of the methods used for analysis
  • Current and projected microbiology testing volumes and market values based on existing and potential new technologies are also provided
A key aspect of this Report is the spotlight on the utilization of rapid microbiological methods (RMMs) in each of these Sectors. The PCP Sector has been more aggressive with the adoption/usage of RMMs and this should continue over the next five years. The Pharma Sector, while using more than in the past, lags be-hind the PCP Sector in RMM test volumes. The Report thoroughly examines the similarities and differences related to RMM utilization today and projects these patterns forward for five years. In addition, testing patterns and approaches within subsets of each of these Sectors are discussed. The Report examines differences between classic Pharma and Biopharma company approaches to RMMs as well as global PCP companies in comparison to regional and contract manufacturer PCP companies.

The Report is based on two primary market research efforts:
  • Extensive telephone interviews with Pharma and PCP plant QA/QC personnel
  • In-depth interviews with key opinion leaders and senior/leading quality experts/management (collectively referred to as KOLs) from the Pharma and PCP Sectors
In the interviews with the KOLs, the following topics were thoroughly explored:
  • Do you use rapid tests/systems? If so, where and why?
  • Do current RMMs meet your needs?
  • What improvements would you like to see?
  • Would these improvements broaden RMM use?
  • Is there a clear best RMM system out there now?
  • What are the key organisms and applications for rapid?
  • What are the hurdles for RMM adoption at your company?
  • What are your predictions for RMMs over the next 5 years?
These KOLs provided a rich and personal understanding of their own experiences with RMMs. In some cases the KOLs are thoroughly pleased with their accomplishments and see broader usage in their Sector. In other cases, the KOLs recognize and speak to the mismatch between technology and their needs. The KOLs also provide candid comments about current RMMs.

In addition, the Report provides business summaries of 15 diagnostic companies involved with RMMs for the Pharma and PCP Sectors. Included in these summaries are insightful comments by the KOLs regarding their experiences with these products and companies.

Pharma/PCP—2nd Edition thoroughly reviews current testing practices in these two Sectors. A fundamental conclusion is that RMM usage is expected to continue to grow as current applications make further penetration and as new applications are added:
  • Pharma and PCP Sectors conduct an extensive amount of testing and are #2 and #3 Sectors based on test volumes in the industrial market (Food being #1)
  • Testing and market value is growing....driven by regulations and protection of brand names
  • There have been recalls impacting key players in these sectors, which only heightens testing
  • The use of RMMs is increasing steadily in each Sector but there are major differences regarding adoption patterns and uses
  • In 5 years, RMM usage is expected to more than double but this could be impacted on the upside significantly if new technologies have a better fit, and more versatility.
For further information on the Pharma/PCP—2nd Edition Report please contact Tom Weschler at Strategic Consulting, Inc. by phone (802-457-9933), email (, or by visiting their website at

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