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Dynacare Selects Bruker's MALDI Biotyper for Next-Generation Microbial ID

Bruker today announced that Dynacare Laboratories in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after careful internal evaluation, has purchased a Bruker MALDI Biotyper system as their next-generation rapid microbial identification system. The MALDI Biotyper has obtained the IVD-CE Mark in selected European countries, and Bruker is planning to submit the MALDI Biotyper to the U.S. FDA for clearance.

The MALDI Biotyper is a MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry based platform for rapid molecular identification of bacteria, yeast and fungi. Its carefully curated database includes quality-controlled entries of over 3,900 strains from 2,000 well-characterized microbial species. Starting from a cultured colony, identification is performed by matching the measured protein fingerprint against the proprietary MALDI Biotyper database. Including data acquisition and database search, a scored list of identification proposals is automatically presented to the microbiologist in minutes. Multiple colonies can be spotted on a single target, and about 30-60 identifications can be performed every hour. The MALDI Biotyper offers considerably faster time-to-result (TTR), high specificity, very low false positive rates, low operational costs, and low technical barriers for new operators. Bruker has installed over 200 MALDI Biotyper systems worldwide in research and routine clinical laboratories for microbiology, and the MALDI Biotyper is rapidly becoming a new standard for robust, rapid microbial identification in Europe.

Dr. Nathan Ledeboer, Assistant Professor of Pathology at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Medical Director of Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics for Dynacare, stated: "MALDI-TOF is going to revolutionize identification in clinical microbiology. It will reduce the turnaround of clinical cultures, decrease laboratory errors, and reduce laboratory costs. We plan to use the MALDI Biotyper for microbial identifications currently performed by phenotypic methods, and expect to see improvements in time to result, workflow and consumables costs. Dynacare also plans to investigate the use of the MALDI Biotyper to replace 16s rDNA sequencing for identification. It will bring microbiology into the 21st century. We are pleased that Dynacare Laboratories will be the fifth clinical laboratory in nation - and the only laboratory in Wisconsin - to implement this new, advanced technology."

Mr. George Goedesky, Executive Director for Business Development of Bruker Daltonics, said: "We have enjoyed collaborating with Dynacare, and we are very pleased they have selected the MALDI Biotyper for use both in their research and their routine microbial identification production facility. We look forward to continuing to work with Dynacare on further applications of the MALDI Biotyper microbiology platform."

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