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Soleris Technology is now used by World’s Largest Food and Nutraceutical Companies

Neogen Europe’s Soleris technology is now used by approximately 200 of the world’s largest food and nutraceutical companies to detect indicator microbes in a fraction of the time needed for traditional methods. The Soleris system is a rapid optical system for the detection of microbial contamination based on an innovative application of classical microbiology. The assay measures microbial growth by monitoring biochemical reactions that generate a colour change in the media as micro-organisms grow. The sensitivity of the system allows detection in a fraction of the time needed for traditional methods, with less labour and handling time.

Soleris features the quickest automated quality indicator system protocols, including Yeast & Mould in 60-72 hours; Total Viable Count (TVC) in 6-8 hours; Coliforms in 9-10 hours; E.Coli in 7-10 hours; and Lactic Acid Bacteria in 30-35 hours. Using the Soleris system enables operators to easily identify, monitor and map problematic spots in their facilities. With the ability to provide trend analysis and multiple format reports with a simple click of a computer mouse, the system helps to ensure that all critical control points are stable and alerts the user to any possible deviation from established quality standards. Approximately 80-85% of all microbiology testing is for spoilage/ indicator organisms. These are classes of micro-organisms that are responsible for the majority of food product recalls and therefore considerable economic losses.

The Soleris direct vial is based upon the well-known process that bacteria feed on sugars, convert those sugars into acids and lower the pH of their culture media. A critical level of bacterial growth will cause the pH indicator to change colour and cause the Soleris system to record a positive result for that sample.

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