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RapidChek® SELECT™ Enables Compliance with NPIP Testing Requirements

The RapidChek® SELECT™ Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) test system has been granted interim National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) approval by the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Poultry Health, for use in detecting the presence of SE in poultry environments. The interim approval is in effect until the 2012 Biennial Conference of the NPIP where it will be considered for ratification by the full NPIP technical committee.

The NPIP is a cooperative Federal-State-Industry program developed to prevent or control certain egg-transmitted, hatchery-disseminated poultry diseases, including Salmonella Enteritidis. SDIX offers U.S. egg and poultry producers an easier, faster and more cost effective way to comply with the new FDA regulation that requires SE monitoring of the layer house environment. With this NPIP approval, producers now can also apply these SDIX SE testing advantages to comply with NPIP testing guidelines.

Tim Lawruk, Food Safety Market Manager at SDIX, said, “The NPIP´s approval provides hatcheries, egg layers and the broiler industry with confidence to use the SDIX RapidChek SELECT SE for the accurate detection and control of SE in the production environment. The RapidChek SELECT SE method´s improved sensitivity, reduced time to result and ease-of-use provide a highly effective testing solution for meeting NPIP environmental testing requirements.”

“In addition, the RapidChek SELECT SE method is the only rapid SE test available that uses patented enrichment media for faster detection and improved sensitivity, compared to other NPIP-approved methods. The addition of the RapidChek® CONFIRM™ immuno-magnetic separation method allows for improved recovery of SE from high background environmental swabs, for improved sensitivity and confirmation that is consistent with the NPIP and FDA procedures.”

The new testing system is comprised of the RapidChek® SELECT™ Salmonella Enteritidis detection system for screening environmental drag swabs or pooled eggs and the RapidChek® CONFIRM™ Salmonella Enteritidis immunomagnetic separation system for confirmation of environmental presumptive positive samples.

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