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BioSpec Global Solutions Completes Program for the New TOG's 9000 for Commercial Market

BS Ltd. announced today that partner BioSpec Global Solutions Inc. has completed the computer programming for its new TOGS 9000.

BioSpec President Don Saunders said, " We now have a fully functional for the computer based TOGS 9000 which will be ready for the commercial retail market within 60 days."

BioSpec Global Solutions Inc. computer program, TOGS 9000, based on TOGS (Time of Growth Spectrophotometer) technique, provides state-of-the-art rapid, simultaneous detection and enumeration of microbiological parameters such as Total Coliform, E.coli., Enterococci and Total Bacteria.

Using globally approved chromogenic/fluorogenic reagent methods it provides automatic detection technique, thus removing any potential human error associated with visual detection process.

The units will be built in the U.S.A. and Canada. The company is currently receiving orders for the TOGS 3000 and 9000 models.

BioSpec Global Solutions Inc., holds world patents on the TOG's 3000 and 9000 machines for rapid, onsite (remote) monitoring of microbial contamination in drinking water, recreational water, agriculture & food, pharmaceuticals and medical applications.

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