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T2 Biosystems Announces Issuance of Key Patent Providing Broad Intellectual Property Protection for Direct Detection Diagnostic Methods

T2 Biosystems, a company developing direct detection products enabling superior diagnostics, today announced the issuance of patent number 8,102,176 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office entitled "NMR Device for Detection of Analytes". The patent broadly covers devices and methods of detecting analytes through magnetic resonance measurement, the basis for T2 Bio's technology. The T2MR technology is capable of directly detecting any immunologic, hemostasis, or molecular target, most recently demonstrated with rapid and accurate direct detection of Candida from whole blood samples.

"The innovative team at T2 Bio is focused on dramatically improving current diagnostic standards across a wide variety of analytes and the '176 patent provides fundamental protection of our T2MR technology," said John McDonough, CEO of T2 Biosystems. "This patent further solidifies our protection of direct detection using the T2MR platform, which is the basis for both our pipeline of diagnostic products and strategic partnerships."

Claims defined within the '176 patent include a method for detection of any analyte or multiple analytes in a single sample through T2MR technology on the T2Dx instrument. The claims further expand the use of the device for magnetic-assisted concentration and subsequent magnetic resonance detection of an analyte.

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