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Invisible Sentinel Announces Allowance of Additional U.S. Patent Application for Rapid Diagnostic Technology to Detect Harmful Pathogens in Food

Invisible Sentinel Inc., a life sciences company that develops rapid diagnostics for the detection of foodborne pathogens, announced today it has been issued a notice of allowance for U.S. Patent application 13/221,116, “Device for Detection of Target Molecules and Uses Thereof.” Once issued, this will be the second U.S. patent for Invisible Sentinel and will serve to further strengthen the Company’s intellectual property position. This application provides additional protection for Invisible Sentinel’s proprietary diagnostic device capable of rapid and selective identification of pathogenic bacteria from contaminated food samples. The Company also has additional patent applications pending both in the United States and abroad..

“The allowance of this patent application is a valuable addition to our Company’s growing intellectual property portfolio,” said Benjamin Pascal, CEO and co-founder of Invisible Sentinel. “Our expanding patent portfolio comes at an opportune time, when new government regulations and enhanced consumer awareness are leading to a significant increase in food pathogen testing throughout the industry. We are currently preparing for regulatory submissions and anticipate commercializing our technology later this year.“.

Invisible Sentinel’s diagnostic system provides a robust, sensitive, reproducible, and easy-to-interpret assay. The Company’s internally developed technology is designed to address the growing need for rapid, practical, and cost-efficient detection methods for foodborne pathogens at the point of care. “We anticipate our products to be an important step forward in enabling food processors and third party laboratories to perform practical yet sophisticated testing for pathogen contamination from farm to fork,” said Pascal. The food industry is the first market that the Company is targeting, but its patented and patent pending technology has the potential to provide valuable tools for additional industries including healthcare, veterinary, biodefense, and environmental testing, where rapid detection of target analytes from unrefined samples is critical.

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