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Dangerous Foods: From Farm to Fork

Does the five-second rule really count? How strict is the expiration date on milk? What could those little bacteria really do to us? Are our food fears irrational? Scientists Benjamin Pascal and Marcia Pelchat will address these topics and more at "From Farm to Fork- Dangerous Foods: Facts, Fears and Foibles," Wednesday, April 25 at Rembrandts in Philadelphia. From Farm to Fork is part of the Philadelphia Science Festival.

Benjamin Pascal, MBA is CEO and founding shareholder of Invisible Sentinel, a company located at the University City Science Center that develops rapid diagnostic devices that enable quick and accurate detection of foodborne pathogens. Invisible Sentinel hopes to become an industry leader for rapid, practical, and sensitive food diagnostics in the domestic marketplace and abroad. The company envisions that its Sentinels will become the standard in the industry while simultaneously benefitting mankind.

Monell Chemical Senses Center scientist Marcia Levin Pelchat's major research interest is the development and modification of food preferences in humans. Recent investigations focus on improving rejection of novel foods, mechanisms of food cravings, and food preferences in the elderly. She speaks frequently to both scientific and gastronomic groups nationwide and is an Honorary Professor of Gastronomy at the Restaurant School in Philadelphia. Monell is also a resident of the Science Center.

Dangerous Foods will begin at 6:30 p.m. on April 25. There is no charge for the event which will be held at Rembrandt's at 741 North 23rd Street.

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