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Accelr8 and Denver Health Notified by Department of Defense for Rapid Diagnostics Award

Accelr8 Technology Corporation and Denver Health received notice that the Defense Medical Research and Development Program (DMRDP) recommended $2 million funding of a proposed 35-month project submitted jointly by Denver Health and Accelr8. The DMRDP solicited proposals to "advance state-of-the-art solutions for world-class medical care."

The joint proposal became the sole recipient under the Military Infectious Diseases Applied Research Award (MID-ARA) program for rapid detection of serious antibiotic-resistant infections.

The project will apply Accelr8's BACcel(TM) same-shift rapid diagnostic system to wound infections and other serious infections secondary to trauma. The intended scope encompasses the full range from battlefield injuries at Level III field hospitals through post-rehabilitation care, and medical care for veterans and their dependents. The MID-ARA program's purpose is "... to accelerate the transition of medical technologies into deployed products; and to accelerate the translation of advances in knowledge into new standards of care in multiple military-relevant areas."

Co-Principal Investigators are Ivor S. Douglas, M.D., and Connie S. Price, M.D., from Denver Health. They are, respectively, the Chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, and the Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases Medicine. David Howson, Accelr8's president, is the co-investigator who will lead the company's development team. Collaborators include the Department of Veterans Affairs Eastern Colorado Healthcare System (Denver), the Washington Hospital Center (DC), and Creighton University School of Medicine (Omaha, NE).

"Denver Health is delighted to secure this important grant with our partner Accelr8 to advance the science of clinical microbiology and therapeutics for critically ill and injured military personnel and, by extension, civilians suffering from life-threatening infections," said Dr. Ivor Douglas.

David Howson, Accelr8's president, said "we are honored to see our unique diagnostic capability recognized through extensive peer review for its potential value in serving the courageous men and women of the military. Throughout history, infection has served as a 'third army' causing severe casualties. Modern field medicine now prevails over microbial contamination, but infections acquired later during the course of care continue to cause grievous damage. We are excited to have leadership by Denver Health and collaboration with a growing network of premier research institutions to make the case for our innovative technology in this most deserving patient community."

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