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NicOx Signs Worldwide Licensing Agreement With Rapid Pathogen Screening, Inc. For Ophthalmic Diagnostics

Rapid Pathogen Screening, Inc. (RPS®) and NicOx S.A. announce that they have entered into a licensing agreement giving NicOx access to RPS®'s innovative diagnostic tests. The agreement grants NicOx worldwide rights to unique point-of-care tests in the ocular field. The first of these tests is AdenoPlus™, which is already authorized for marketing in the United States (US) and in Europe. These tests are based on RPS®'s proprietary technology and enable rapid and accurate in-office diagnosis of specific ocular diseases and conditions.

AdenoPlus™ is an easy-to-use point-of-care diagnostic test that identifies patients with Adenoviral conjunctivitis using a small tear sample. It provides a definitive result in only ten minutes, making the correct diagnosis available at the time of the doctor visit rather than relying on only signs and symptoms or waiting for results from a laboratory. AdenoPlus™, in addition to the US and Europe, is also authorized for marketing in other countries throughout the world. The agreement grants NicOx exclusive rights to commercialize AdenoPlus™ to eye care professionals in the US, as well as full exclusive rights to market AdenoPlus™ in the rest of the world. RPS maintains rights to commercialize these ocular tests to primary and urgent care professionals in the US.

The worldwide licensing agreement also covers two additional diagnostic tests currently in development, one for the combined detection of Adenoviral and allergic conjunctivitis and the other to diagnose ocular herpes. In addition, the agreement grants NicOx an exclusive worldwide option to negotiate an agreement for an additional promising product, based on RPS® meeting certain milestones which include on going external discussions.

"RPS®'s innovative and easy-to-use tests allow practitioners to make a more accurate diagnosis during the office visit, provide appropriate and timely treatment, and reduce healthcare costs associated with spread of disease and unnecessary antibiotic treatment. This collaboration will make RPS® products more easily accessible, allowing for better patient care and improved outcomes," said Terrence O'Brien, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology, Charlotte Breyer Rodgers Distinguished Chair in Ophthalmology, and Director of the Refractive Surgery Service at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the Palm Beaches.

NicOx has begun building its own commercial organization in the US and Europe to market AdenoPlus™ and potentially other ophthalmology products, both diagnostic and therapeutic, that it plans to acquire or in-license in the future. The Company expects to launch AdenoPlus™ in the US and in key European markets by the end of 2012.

"RPS®'s innovative range of proprietary diagnostic tests are addressing the growing demand by the global ophthalmic market for fast, accurate tests that are easy to use and can help guide treatment decisions," commented Dr. Gavin Spencer, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development of NicOx. "The direct launch of AdenoPlus will enable us to build the foundation for NicOx's new commercial infrastructure. We continue to look for additional diagnostics and therapeutic assets and we have identified a number of opportunities that will enable us to leverage and optimize our commercial organization."

"NicOx will add significant reach and accelerate the global distribution of RPS®'s ocular products through its growing commercial infrastructure. This strategic alliance actuates a critical element of the RPS® strategy, enabling the Company to further leverage its unique and proprietary technology platform," said Mark D. Myslinski, Chief Executive Officer of RPS®. "This is a significant step in the advancement of the RPS® mission to design, develop, and deliver novel point-of-care diagnostics that substantially improve the health and wellbeing of patients around the world."

Under the agreement, NicOx will pay license and option fees to RPS® as well as royalties and potential additional milestone payments. NicOx will also pay half of the development costs for the two development-stage products, subject to an agreed budget. Source: PR Newswire (

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