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Accelr8 Presents Two Studies at ASM 2012 and Receives Acceptance to Present a New Blood Study

Accelr8 Technology Corporation announced results of two studies that it presented at the 112th annual General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.

The first study used the company’s BACcel™ rapid automated diagnostic system with positive blood cultures to detect a major, complex multi-drug resistance expression type known as “ESBL.” The system’s 3-hour results showed the benefits of the platform decreasing time to result by 1-2 days over the best standard method while maintaining 100% sensitivity and 94% specificity. ESBL resistance has spread globally with hundreds of molecular variants. Early ESBL spread occurred in hospitals, but is now reaching into community-acquired infections. These resistance types are difficult to detect and severely reduce treatment options in the largest family of Gram-negative pathogens.

The second study reported performance of the company’s rapid, fully automated specimen preparation technology. It showed that in 10 minutes or less, the BAC-Xtrax™ gel electrofiltration system concentrates live bacteria and substantially clears the sample from complex interference. The BAC-Xtrax™ concentrated live cells more than 100-fold from the original samples, exceeding the best standard method by more than 10 times. It recovered essentially all of the organisms in the samples, with variation comparable to that of the quantitative culturing reference method.

Separately, Accelr8 also received notice of acceptance to present results at ICAAC 2012 for a new study entitled “Same-Day Blood Culture with Digital Microscopy.” The study examines alternatives for shortening the currently typical overnight delay for cultures before beginning analysis of blood-borne infections.

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