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Invisible Sentinel Announces Product Launch of Its Foodborne Pathogen Specific Monoclonal Antibodies

Invisible Sentinel Inc., a life sciences company that develops rapid diagnostics for the detection of foodborne pathogens, announced today the availability of a suite of monoclonal antibodies specific for the four most prevalent bacterial foodborne pathogens. The antibodies detect E.coli O157, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enterica, and Campylobacter jejuni, and are available for purchase on the Company's website.

The antibodies, produced in the Company's laboratories, will complement Invisible Sentinel's first-in-class diagnostic technologies that are planned to launch this Fall. The initial monoclonal products released are an important tool for the detection of foodborne pathogens, and can be utilized in research applications that require specificity and sensitivity. The Company plans to release additional specialty reagents to further accelerate research into microbial contamination and rapid detection strategies.

"We are committed to developing innovative technologies in food safety and are pleased to announce the availability of our specialized monoclonal antibody line," said Benjamin Pascal, CEO and co-founder of Invisible Sentinel. "The commercialization of our proprietary antibodies marks another important milestone for the Company during a very exciting Summer. We are currently seeking regulatory approval for our first-in-class diagnostic technology and anticipate commercialization of our diagnostic kits as early as this Fall."

Invisible Sentinel's ability to internally produce monoclonal antibodies helps to accelerate diagnostic development and expands the Company's product portfolio of innovative food safety technologies. The Company's patented and patent-pending diagnostic technology is designed to address the growing need for rapid, practical, and cost-effective detection methods for foodborne pathogens at the point of care.

The food industry is the first market that the Company is targeting, but its platform technology has the potential to provide valuable tools for additional industries including healthcare, veterinary, biodefense, and environmental testing, where rapid detection of target pathogens from unrefined samples is critical.

ABOUT INVISIBLE SENTINEL Based in Philadelphia, Invisible Sentinel develops diagnostic technologies for a safer food supply. The Company's focus is on developing rapid diagnostics that quickly provide accurate information about the presence of harmful pathogens. Uniquely designed for easy, practical use -- on-site and throughout the entire food distribution network -- Invisible Sentinel's proprietary diagnostic products promise to create a new standard for rigorous quality control.

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