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NanoLogix Rapid Diagnostic Technologies Set to Enter Market Under FDA 510K-Exempt Status

NanoLogix, a biotechnology innovator in the rapid detection and identification of live-threat bacteria and microorganisms, announces it will begin commercialization of its BNP (BioNanoPore) and BNF (BioNanoFilter) diagnostic kits under FDA 510K-exempt status. The first product to be marketed will be the Petri-based BNP detection kit utilizing TSA media. Other nutrient media will be available by special order. Recently completed independent third-party research has demonstrated BNP diagnostic kits to be two to ten times faster at live bacteria detection than traditional methods. Following the BNP rollout, NanoLogix plans to commercialize its BNF technology, which third-party research documents as 18 to 72 times faster than conventional detection and identification methods. The company also plans to develop customized test kits for particular applications and client partners.

NanoLogix is also beginning sales of conventional TSA Petri plates. Both BNP kits and NanoLogix TSA Petri plates will be packaged in the company's proprietary inert-gas charged vacuum Flat Packs. A major third-party laboratory has documented these Flat Packs to have at least a one-year shelf life stored under normal conditions, compared to the 3-month shelf life of traditional Petri plates.

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