Thursday, November 15, 2012

Advencis: Lynx Technology in Beta Testing

Advencis, an engineering company specializing in instrumentation for the healthcare sector and the life sciences, has announced that its rapid microbiology technology, Lynx, has entered the beta testing phase.

"After having completed our funding plan, we are now entering into a phase of testing with potential clients in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage sectors," says Joseph Pierquin, president of Advencis. "The objective of the tests, which will run until the start of 2013, is to confirm the potential of the technology for high value-added applications."

The Lynx system is a rapid microbiological platform that is unique in its ability to rapidly detect microbial contaminations, regardless of the support used (culture medium, membranes...). Completely automated, it produces results in less than 48 hours in the majority of cases, as compared to a number of days with traditional methods. Thanks to its modular design, it can handle up to 240 samples. The Lynx System is also characterized by an absence of reagents or complex staining procedures, making it remarkably easy to use and validate for users.


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