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Neogen Launches ANSR Test Drive Program

Neogen Corporation has launched a new Test Drive program for its ANSR rapid pathogen detection system. This is a limited-time, risk-free 30-day trial for an on-site evaluation of the ANSR system, the firm reports.

“Test Drive is an innovative path that enables prospective customers to easily acquire a new technology for compliance and brand protection without investing in capital equipment,” said Gerry Broski, Neogen’s Director of Food Safety Marketing.  “Test Drive is designed to show prospective, qualified food laboratories how easy rapid pathogen testing can be. ANSR provides results in 10 minutes, post enrichment, which improves efficiencies at the plant, and can be used as a preventive control as described under proposed FSMA guidelines.”

The ANSR Test Drive program gives food testing labs and food companies an opportunity to do on-demand pathogen testing for Salmonella and Listeria spp.  On-demand means that labs no longer have to work around longer PCR run-cycles and wait for 96 samples to be ready. Incorporating an internal control for each assay, ANSR results are DNA definitive as well as rapid, providing a high level of confidence in the results.

A further benefit of the Test Drive is that ANSR is bundled with NeoCare, a premium service program that offers application as well as product support.  The ANSR system’s small footprint and extremely simple workflow make it an easy fit in any laboratory setting.

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