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BD, Diagenode Announce European Launch of Real-Time PCR Kit for Bordetella pertussis & parapertussis

BD Diagnostics, a division of global medical technology company BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), and Belgium-based international biotech company, Diagenode SA have announced the exclusive European launch of the Real-Time PCR kit (polymerase chain reaction) of Diagenode for Bordetella pertussis and parapertussis for use with the BD MAX system.

The Real-Time PCR Kit for  Bordetella pertussis and parapertussis  from Diagenode has received CE marking and has been validated for use with the BD MAX System. Here, the BD MAX  EX k-1  DNA Extraction Kit was used, where it is an open Systemreagenz. The BD MAX  System is a fully automated system that standardizes the extraction process and offers customers a user-friendly and improved workflow in the laboratory.

Bordetella pertussis  is a pathogen that about 30 to 50 million cases of the highly contagious respiratory disease pertussis or "whooping cough" caused each year.  Early detection by PCR is crucial to prevent spreading the disease and the risk of large to minimize disease outbreaks. PCR tests are ideal for rapid differential diagnosis of pertussis to other respiratory diseases such as atypical pneumonia, bronchitis or respiratory viruses.

"There is a need to get to grips quickly with the outbreak of whooping cough related problems - both children and adults," said Gregory Meehan , vice president of product planning at BD Diagnostics -. Diagnostic Systems "With the real-time PCR kit for  Bordetella pertussis and parapertussis  will expand the syndrome-specific offer for our partners assay is a test that not only comes in handy, but also contributes significantly to meet the market needs. "

Most often infants and young children are affected by the disease, especially in infants aged less than one year may be fatal. Adults may also be affected. In contrast, older children and adults suffering with declining natural or vaccine-induced immunity to diverse symptoms that need to be examined closely in order to make a definitive diagnosis.

Infection with  Bordetella parapertussis  is similar to the infection with  B. pertussis , but extends less serious and is of shorter duration.  Approximately 40 per cent of all persons with an infection  as parapertussis  suffer, are asymptomatic.  People of all ages can come up with  as parapertussis  infection and of developing the infection. Nevertheless parapertussis occurs most frequently in children aged below 10 years.

By working with leading IVD developers ( in vitro diagnostics)  as Diagenode expands its selection of BD molecular tests on quickly and provides specific syndrome and clinically significant IVD assays for a number of different disease syndromes. "With the real-time PCR kit for  Bordetella pertussis and parapertussis  Diagenode of the BD MAX  system is supplemented by a significant assay, with that comes the flexibility and versatility of the platform to its best. In conjunction with the open system reagents timely development of molecular assay tests is favoured, "said Didier Allaer , CEO of Diagenode.

The more comprehensive portfolio for the BD MAX  System and its open architecture, full automation and standardized workflow are laboratories offer the possibility of a wide range of different molecular tests combine and standardize so that they can develop programmes to their current and future clinical needs suffice.

BD is a leading global medical technology company, medical devices, instrument systems and reagents, develops, manufactures and sells.

Diagenode is a leading developer and marketer of innovative life science tools and systems for epigenetics and molecular diagnostics. Diagenode developing novel products for infectious diseases, but also provides a complete solution for epigenetic research.

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