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Genisphere Licenses 3DNA Dendrimer Signal Amplification Technology to Chembio for Lateral Flow Rapid Test Applications

Genisphere LLC has licensed its 3DNA® Signal Amplification technology to Chembio Diagnostics, Inc., a leader in point-of-care ("POC") diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. Chembio plans to use the signal enhancing technology for its Dual Path Platform (“DPP®”) rapid diagnostic pipeline tests, with the goal of achieving detection limits unique to rapid immunoassays thereby broadening potential applications of its technology by combining it with the Genisphere technology.

“Sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility are important features for all diagnostic tests,” said Lawrence Siebert, Chembio's chief executive officer. “We believe Genisphere’s technology can further enhance the performance of our DPP® based assays leading to commercial success in this competitive marketplace."

Genisphere’s 3DNA® Dendrimer technology has been used to improve the performance of a variety of assay platforms for protein and nucleic acid detection, including microarrays, ELISAs, bead-based flow cytometry, and most recently, lateral flow assays. The 3DNA® Dendrimer technology provides up to 100-fold improvement in sensitivity without increasing the assay’s complexity. This improved performance enables point-of-care analyses that have not previously been possible with conventional systems.

The agreement between the two companies comes after a feasibility study in which Genisphere demonstrated the 3DNA® Dendrimer can be adapted to Chembio's Dual Path Platform. Such a close working relationship is a crucial part of Genisphere’s approach.

“Genisphere’s business strategy is to partner with a few key successful players in growing markets,” said Jim Kadushin, Genisphere’s chief operations officer, “We believe Chembio is poised to continue its growth via the combination of our technology with their assay and reagent development activities.”

Genisphere and Chembio will be presenting their respective products and technologies at this year’s AACC meeting, to be held July 29 - Aug 2 in Houston Texas.

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