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Last Chance to Register for the Introduction to Rapid Micro Methods Webinar - July 15

The implementation of rapid methods is increasing in many areas, including pharmaceutical manufacturing and QA/QC. Additionally, global regulatory authorities, such as the FDA and EMA, have embraced their use and stated that these new technologies will improve product quality and patient safety. And many companies have successfully implemented RMMs as alternatives to USP micro methods. 

A new, comprehensive 90-minute webinar provides an introduction to the world of rapid methods and their scientific principles, applications, validation strategies, return on investment, and how to navigate the current regulatory environment. This is an excellent overview that will provide attendees with the framework for implementing rapid methods at their own facilities.

DATE: Next Monday, July 15, 2013.

TIME: There are five (5) identical webinar sessions to accommodate most geographic locations.



  • Review the benefits of alternative and RMM technologies as compared with classical microbiological methods.
  • Opportunities for use and areas of application including microbial detection, quantification and identification.
  • Quality enablers and current regulatory perspectives.
  • Introduction to validation strategies.
  • Overview of how to develop a business plans based on return on investment calculations.
  • Describe the scientific basis for available RMM technologies.
  • Review published and online information and guidance related to RMMs.

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