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Seegene Develops Novel Real-Time Array Technology for Point of Care Testing

Seegene Inc., a leading developer of multiplex molecular diagnostic technologies and tests, today announced a novel real-time array technology designed specifically to accelerate the development of Point of Care Testing (POCT).

The novel real-time array technology successfully eliminates burdensome, time-consuming steps that normally follow PCR amplification, and that are required for conventional arrays. For example, the new technology unifies all the steps into one, facilitating rapid, reliable, and reproducible real-time array tests. The underlying chemistry of the new technology easily adapts to automated systems; is easy to streamline and standardize for molecular diagnostics; and is highly applicable to array-based POCT.

"The multiplexing capability of arrays to detect and differentiate many targets in parallel is critical. We are advancing on these benefits by enabling an array to reliably detect many targets without requiring many burdensome steps. This is a significant development for the use of arrays in molecular diagnostics, and a key enabler of array-based POCT," said Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, founder, CTO and CEO of Seegene.

Key features of this array technology include:

  • No size limitation for the PCR amplicon
  • No Asymmetric PCR required
  • No Denaturation of PCR amplicon
  • No Target Specific Primer Extension (TSPE)
  • No Signal Amplification
  • No Washing Step

Dr. Chun added, "Our new real-time array technology will be made widely available to support new molecular diagnostic applications that provide improved patient care and healthcare cost savings. This real-time array technology can strengthen the businesses of traditional diagnostic companies, and create new opportunities for other life sciences firms to be competitive in the molecular diagnostics industry. That is why we are initiating an aggressive licensing and OEM campaign to make this technology broadly available to a broad segment of the life science industry."

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