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NanoLogix and Saudi Company To Work Together for Distribution of NanoLogix Products in the Arabian Gulf Region

NanoLogix, Inc., an innovator in the rapid detection, identification of live bacteria, and determination of their antibiotic resistance and sensitivity, announces that they are working with Nasaem-Aljazira, a Saudi Arabian company headquartered in Riyadh, to establish exclusive distribution and/or manufacturing of NanoLogix products in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf region, also known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area.

This area offers a large market potential to Nasaem-Aljazira and NanoLogix, with Saudi Arabia being a leader in advanced health care initiatives for its people.

NanoLogix is also in negotiations with groups and companies in Europe, Asia and Africa on additional distribution outlets and manufacturing options.

The Company currently sells and ships its products in the US and to the UK.

In keeping with NanoLogix' policy of continual product improvement, the Company has begun electron beam (e-Beam) processing of the majority of its filled Petri plate and BNP detection kit FlatPacks through the facilities at Synergy HealthAST.

This process was initiated to ensure that our FlatPack preserved Petri plates and BNP kits remain viable throughout their extended shelf life, which in some cases for common agars have now exceeded one year at room temperature and two years in cold storage. These times are in sharp contrast with the 3-4 months of shelf life available with competitor's products and offer a significant economic advantage to customers with limited or no cold storage capacity, or those with dynamic testing and project schedules.

NanoLogix recently added 13 additional product variants that have been in demand by its customers and has improved its ordering procedure, enabling a "mix and match" capability for ordering that allows customers to order up to ten different Flatpack detection products in one single carton.

NanoLogix and researchers at UTHSC Houston are working to finalize development of the Company's new N-Assay detection and identification assay. The original concept for use with one bacteria has expanded to one in which as many as five different pathogens can be rapidly detected, identified, and analyzed for antibiotic sensitivity or resistance on one N-Assay multiwell microplate.

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