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Invisible Sentinel receives AOAC Certification for Salmonella Assay

Invisible Sentinel Inc., a life-sciences company that develops rapid diagnostics for the detection of foodborne pathogens, announced today that its first-in-class rapid diagnostic for the detection of Salmonella species received certification from the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC).

The Company's Veriflow® Salmonella species assay (Veriflow® SS) has been approved to detect bacterial contamination by Salmonella in multiple food types, including ready-to-eat foods, deli meat, and dairy products, and on various surfaces with which food is in contact during preparation and packaging.

The AOAC is a global standardization organization that validates analytical test methods for the food industry. The AOAC Performance Tested Methods(SM) designation is recognized by the US Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and global regulatory agencies.

With the certification of Veriflow® SS, Invisible Sentinel has now achieved AOAC approvals for multiple assays designed to protect against illness due to contaminated food. The Veriflow® Listeria species assay (Veriflow® LS) was approved earlier this year, and the Veriflow® Campylobacter assay (Veriflow® CA) and Veriflow® Listeria monocytogenes assay (Veriflow® LM) received approvals last year.

Nick Siciliano, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Invisible Sentinel, commented: "Achieving additional AOAC certifications for the growing number of assays in our Veriflow® product line remains a primary initiative as we focus on commercial growth and strive to reach a broader client base. We're excited to have built a comprehensive suite of novel and exceptional AOAC-approved pathogen diagnostics for the food and beverage industries. We are also actively expanding our Veriflow® product portfolio across additional industries through our custom-solution program."

Ben Pascal, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of Invisible Sentinel, added: "As we expand our roll-out of varied assays, we are hearing from the commercial market what we heard during field-testing: Veriflow® technology offers a unique combination of accuracy, ease of use, and speed to results."

Food poisoning due to Salmonella remains a significant public-health problem in the U.S., where testing for this foodborne pathogen accounts for upwards of 40% of the food-testing market. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 42,000 cases of food poisoning due to Salmonella are reported every year, and the actual number may be far greater. Although many cases are mild, it is estimated that 400 people die of Salmonella infection each year.

Currently, the CDC is investigating an outbreak that has spread to 25 states. Though first reported last year, the outbreak has been persistent, resulting in 481 reports of people who have become ill, 38 percent of them requiring hospitalization. The outbreak strains are resistant to several commonly prescribed antibiotics.

Invisible Sentinel anticipates AOAC approval of a fifth assay in the Veriflow® product line, the Veriflow® STEC assay (Veriflow® STEC), later this year.

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