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3M Molecular Detection Assay for Salmonella Detection Secures Extended Validations

Today, 3M Food Safety announced that its 3M™ Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella has received an extension of the current NF VALIDATION certificate from AFNOR Certification. The extension means that the test kit, which helps food processors and other parties detect Salmonella and consequently prevent salmonellosis, is now validated by the international organization for all human foods and environmental samples.

In a related development, the Salmonella assay’s most recent AOAC INTERNATIONAL Performance Tested MethodSM (PTM) matrix extension and modification has been accepted by AOAC as a First Action Official Method of AnalysisSM (OMA method number 2013.09).

“We are proud that the 3M Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella has now achieved validation for all human foods and environmental products through internationally recognized validation schemes,” said Niki Montgomery, global pathogen detection solutions business manager with 3M Food Safety. “These new validations and extensions approved through these distinguished technical committees, confirm 3M’s molecular approach for pathogen detection.”


To achieve NF VALIDATION certification, the 3M Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella went through a comprehensive scientific review process. In December 2012, the assay received NF VALIDATION certification for egg, meat and dairy food products (excluding milk powders), and in February 2013, the AFNOR Certification expert committee found the assay to be as or more effective than standard methods for detecting Salmonella in seafood, vegetable products and environmental samples taken from food processing sites. With this latest NF VALIDATION certification, the 3M Molecular Detection Assay is now certified for the detection of Salmonella in powdered dairy products, cocoa-based products, spices and aromatic herbs, concentrates, instant coffees and teas, using specific protocols for those challenging foods. Following NF VALIDATION rules, the scope of the validation is now all human foods and environmental samples (excluding primary production environmental samples).


The Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) is the AOAC INTERNATIONAL’s premier, internationally recognized program for chemical, microbial and molecular biological testing methods. The 3M Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella was validated through the AOAC Research Institute following the harmonized Performance Tested MethodSM (PTM) and Official Methods of Analysis guidelines to receive PTM certification in March 2012 for six matrices and OMA certification in June 2013. In January 2014, a matrix extension/modification of 11 additional foods and three environmental surfaces was added to the assay’s PTM certification, which has now been approved for inclusion in the method’s OMA First Action validation.

The 3M Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella is one of four assays developed by 3M Food Safety for its 3M™ Molecular Detection System. The other assays include, E. coli O157 (including H7), Listeria and Listeria monocytogenes. The 3M Molecular Detection System offers a unique, reliable and rapid qualitative method of pathogen detection and integrates two innovative technologies – isothermal DNA amplification and bioluminescence detection.

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