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WholeHEALTH Products Announces Completion of its Global Distribution Rights for the Real Time PCR Rapid Ebola Test

WholeHEALTH Products will market its PCR Rapid Ebola Test directly to Africa and South American countries, while WholeHEALTH applies for FDA Emergency Use Approval (EUA) for the US market shortly.

The WholeHEALTH Products PCR Rapid Diagnostic Ebola Whole Blood Test can be done in 3 hours—a vast improvement over waiting days with the present testing.

WholeHEALTH Products' experienced CSO worked with China on the SARS virus, developed a Rapid Diagnostic Test for the H1N1 (Bird Flu), and is heading up the completion of the Rapid Real Time PCR Diagnostic Test for Ebola.

Some fever screening will begin, but the need for a rapid diagnostic test is paramount for airports, once a person has been detected to have a fever.  The fever is not the issue; the airports need to find out right away if this person has Ebola so further testing, quarantine and emergency care issues can be addressed.

WholeHEALTH Products' soon-to-be announced Rapid 15 Minute Lateral Flow Ebola Diagnostic Test will do just that; it will determine with 99% accuracy if the person has Ebola.  Once WholeHEALTH Products completes its Phase 3 in-house study, it will file for the EUA (Emergency Use Approval) for this test as well.

As of 10 October 2014, Africa has reported 8,376 suspected cases resulting in the deaths of 4,024.  Although the Ebola death rate is alarming, the possibility of the virus spreading is ultra critical.  There are several other viruses that kill hundreds of thousands or millions of people throughout the world, such as Dengue Fever, Malaria, HIV, and TB, but the spread of these diseases is not as easy as the spread of the Ebola virus.

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