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Vivione Biosciences Announces Successful Field Deployment of RAPID-B With Greene's Energy

Vivione Biosciences Inc. announced today the successful field deployment of its proprietary bacterial detection platform, RAPID-B with Greene's Energy Group, LLC. Greene's utilized Vivione's RAPID-B system to detect and enumerate bacteria in oil field flow-back water samples before and after anti-microbial treatments were administered. Within 20 minutes of testing, RAPID-B provided Greene's with relevant data on the impact their antimicrobial treatments had on reducing the viable bacteria in the water. The real time data allowed Greene's to immediately optimize their treatment and provide their customer, one of the large independent Energy and Production companies, with a level of service that previous technologies could not provide.

Brandon Faulk of Greene's Energy Group's Water Treatment Services division commented, "The reason we chose Vivione's RAPID-B platform to provide us with additional data is due to the precision their equipment brings to the outdated diagnostic tools in the oil & gas industry when it comes to determining bacterial counts. Vivione's technology has allowed Greene's Water Treatment Services division to determine real time bacterial counts when it is needed most. The data has allowed us to improve and fine tune our water treatment efficiencies while onsite that would not have been possible with previous technologies in the given time frame."

The potential beneficial use of produced waters is an area of expanding interest in the oil and gas exploration and production industry, particularly in areas with limited water resources. Oilfield service companies such as Greene's are charged with the management, filtration and reuse of these waters.

In order to effectively manage and treat oilfield production waters it is necessary to first analyze the water content to determine what treatment modalities are necessary.

"We believe the RAPID-B system gives water treatment companies the best possible tool for determining the effectiveness of a treatment protocol. There are absolutely no competing products in the oil & gas space that can provide this level of rapid information to the producer/service provider," according to Kevin Kuykendall, Vivione's CEO. Kuykendall continued, "The production of oil and gas from unconventional formations has surpassed conventional production in the United States and abroad. In the U.S. alone there are over 700,000 hydraulic fracturing stages annually with numerous water treatments and tests required for every stage. We see this as a great opportunity to expand our market presence outside of Food Safety and Clinical Diagnostics while promoting green chemistry to the industry with the information it needs to foster evidence-based, scientific approaches in the pursuit of more sustainable practices in water management and hydraulic fracturing."

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