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Battelle Unveils Microbial Identification System

Battelle unveiled their Rapid Enumerated Bioidentification System (REBS) on Wednesday, allowing manufacturing industries to monitor possible contamination.

According to the announcement, the system is able to detect and identify microbial sources of contamination for production equipment without the need for a sample to be sent to a lab. This allows manufacturers a fast means of ensuring action can be taken for rectification.

“With an operating cost of less than $1 per day for continuous monitoring, REBS helps ensure critical product microbial contamination free quality without increasing labor costs,” Battelle Research Leader, Andy Bartko, said. “Early contaminant identification eliminates costly inventory losses, and most importantly, ensures product and consumer safety.”

The quick readings that the system gives also allow samples to be sent in case of confirmation purposes, as it does not destroy the contaminant with its detection process. There is also an upgradable library as new contaminants are discovered and studied.

The company will be showcasing the system at the Parental Drug Association’s annual meeting that will take place March 16-18 at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas.

Battelle is a research company that develops and designs technology and provides research assistance to government and corporate customers.

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