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BacterioScan Wins Award for Design Excellence

BacterioScan Inc. a premier in vitro lab diagnostics company announced it’s third award of the year. The Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA) winners were announced Wednesday night at a gala event recognizing significant advances in medical product design and engineering that improves the quality of healthcare delivery and accessibility. The celebration was held in conjunction with the MD&M East event, in New York. BacterioScan’s industrial design partner is MetaPhase (St. Louis, MO).

“The MDEA competition is a prestigious competition that fosters innovation by honoring the highest caliber medical devices on the market today and those who are dedicated to their development”, said Dana Marshall, President and CEO. Adding “it was an honor to work with our industrial design partners at Metaphase.

BacterioScan’s product platform is the worlds first rapid bacterial detection system that uses proprietary precision laser sensor, delivering phenotypic results that reduce the laboratories’ time-to-result by 95% for the vast majority of samples while reducing lab workload by more than 60%. BacterioScan’s advanced technology is also being developed to provide rapid detection of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection, reducing the time for determining optimum treatment from several days down to a few hours, improving patient care, reducing the cost of effective treatment, and helping fight the emergence of bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

BacterioScan’s instruments and disposables are deployed globally for clinical studies within world-class institutions. “The core of this research is the rapid detection of antibiotic resistance and the precise determination of antibiotic susceptibility and patient-specific drug and dose concentrations for a variety of bacterial infections,” said Dana Marshall, BacterioScan President and CEO. “Initial work has clearly shown that our company’s technology can reduce the time to detect resistance from over 30 hours to less than two hours; this dramatic improvement in time-to-result can reduce antibiotic development time and costs as well as speed clinical trial enrollment; supporting the global need for antibiotic stewardship.

BacterioScan Inc. is an in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) company focused on the rapid detection and real-time quantification of bacteria in fluid using optical measurements. BacterioScan’s IVD platform can rapidly detect bacterial infections, determine resistance to a range of antibiotics, and provide clinicians with patient-specific guidance on the most rapid and cost-effective treatment plan. This phenotypic approach to early detection and targeted intervention support the global need for optimal, informed antibiotics usage and to control and monitor antimicrobial resistance. BacterioScan’s first medical device product is a compact, simple, and low-cost system for rapid detection of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) for use in clinical microbiology labs. BacterioScan is a privately held global corporation with headquarters in St Louis, Missouri.

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