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SRC's Aklus Shield Selected for S. Korean Airborne Biodefense Program

SRC has been selected to work on the initial deployment of the Aklus Shield J-Model biological defense system in South Korea, the company announced Thursday.

The system is part of the Joint United States Forces Korea Patrol and Integrated Threat Recognition (JUPITR) program, SRC said.

JUPITR, a U.S. Army program, will provide unique biological detection capabilities that will decrease soldier workload, lower operational costs, increase performance and fortify South Korea's biodefense capabilities.

SRC was one of the contractors selected following recent government live agent testing of off-the-shelf aerosol biological sensors, the company said.

The Aklus system underwent first-phase testing at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland and the Key West Naval Air Station in Florida.

The Aklus line features, automated, lightweight, battery-operated, networked warning systems that can be configured for full chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection via vapor and aerosol sensing.

SRC has also been working on a lighter, smaller and more affordable biological threat detection system.

Known as the "C-Model," the system will be commercially available to customers needing such capabilities in places like industrial facilities, airports, malls, stadiums and other highly populated areas.

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