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BioFront Introduces the first ELISA Kit that Detects Zika Virus NS1 Protein Without Cross-Reactivity with Dengue Virus NS1.

BioFront Technologies introduced the very first ELISA kit that specifically detects Zika virus NS1 protein without cross-reactivity with Dengue virus NS1.

The MonoTrace Zika Virus NS1 ELISA saves time compared to Western blotting (quantifiable results in under 2 hours)  and represents a high-throughput yet cost-efficient alternative to RT-qPCR.

 The highly sensitive monoclonal antibody-based sandwich ELISA recognizes the 3 major ZIKV genotypes and specifically detects secreted NS1 in cell culture supernatants and intracellular NS1 in lysates.  Equipment requirements are minimal and assay time is less than 2 hours, the MonoTrace Zika Virus NS1 ELISA is the perfect tool for monitoring infection or screening antiviral therapeutics.

BioFront develops and markets rapid diagnostic products dedicated to food safety and life sciences.

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