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Airborne Pathogen Monitoring System Provides Real Time Detection for Food Industry

Evergreen UV has officially launched the PathogenALERT RAPID Reader System (Rapid Airborne Pathogen Identification and Detection) to US food manufacturing organizations.  This system is today's best available technology for risk mitigation of airborne contaminates and pathogens for any food manufacturing, processing, distribution, or service facility.

"The RAPID Reader System automatically detects harmful airborne pathogen contaminants before visual growth occurs, providing valuable time to engage in corrective action before an outbreak occurs," stated Susan Skelton, co-owner of Evergreen UV LLC.

The RAPID Reader is an on-site microbial detection sensor that continually monitors facility air for the presence of airborne pathogens (bacteria, yeasts & molds), radically altering the present approach to pathogen detection and control.   The RAPID Reader eliminates the high expense and risk of current sampling methods that require long delays, chain-of-command controls and external laboratory analysis.  PathogenALERT will notify plant operators of airborne contamination within hours of occurrence, mitigating the high cost and high risk of releasing contaminated products into the marketplace and preventing the spread of the bacteria, yeast or mold to the rest of the facility…or into the public food chain.

PathogenALERT provides continuous on-site monitoring, significantly shortens contamination detection times to mere hours, and automates the pathogen sampling, monitoring and detection process.   RAPID Reader sensors draw an air sample into a pathogen-specific, nutrient-rich detection site engineered to determine the presence of microbial contamination.  Sensors connected to the cloud-based monitoring system send text and email alerts whenever…and wherever… contamination is detected.  A customized, cloud-based dashboard provides real-time reports that detail both current and historical risk levels using a similar format to traditional reporting techniques.

Current pathogen detection capabilities include Cronobacter Sakazaki, E-Coli, Listeria, Aspergillus, Staphylococcus Aureus, Legionella and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.  PathogenALERT was originally developed in Dublin, Ireland, by Dr. Stephen Daniels, as a critical tool for the detection of chronobacter contamination in the Irish powdered milk industry. He states that reducing contamination risks and costs are a key benefit to users of PathogenALERT.  "Implementing the RAPID Reader has been shown to have a significant impact on the effective management of airborne pathogens, resulting in lower overall costs for detection, infection risks and remedial actions."

PathogenALERT technology is available in North America through an exclusive agreement between NuWave Sensors of Dublin Ireland, and Evergreen UV, LLC of Memphis, TN. Evergreen UV is also the parent company for Lumalier Air and Surface Disinfection Products, and for Disinfection Services LLC.

"The PathogenALERT RAPID Reader system is a great stand-alone detection tool," said Skelton. "Our clients are able to quickly detect pathogens on-site and on-time.  We can also bundle one or more RAPID Readers with advanced UVC disinfection technology to detect, alert, and destroy airborne pathogens before an outbreak occurs."

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