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AdVnt Biotechnologies Announces Release Of Informant Plus™ Rapid Mold Detection System

AdVnt Biotechnologies, LLC, a leading global manufacturer of hand-held rapid detection products for today's most environmentally dangerous pathogens, toxins and bacteria, announced today the launch of its 15-minute, broad-spectrum mold screening system, Informant Plus™.

Informant Plus was designed to protect facilities, inventories and personnel by providing manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers and shipping companies an immediate screening method for microscopic concentrations of toxigenic and allergenic mold spores which could adversely affect their investments and business assets. Mold can grow almost anywhere that is damp and warm, and once it contaminates a facility, it can permeate throughout, resulting in a multitude of other problems, as well as the destruction of products. The costs and inconvenience required to isolate and exterminate these contagions can easily spiral out of control.

Offering facility management teams a usable and deployable tool, Informant Plus is a mature, military-grade technology that yields an extremely accurate result. The system is the only product on the market that produces results within 15 minutes, without the need for an expensive and often time-consuming laboratory analysis.

"When mold is present in a commercial enterprise, time to an actionable decision is money," said Tim Scherkenback, general manager of AdVnt Biotechnologies. "The Informant Plus system protects businesses with a quick turn-around solution only AdVnt can provide by allowing decisions to be made in minutes versus hours or days. We have eliminated the need for petri dishes, contractors and complicated processes, allowing your company's personnel to use the product effectively to save money. Informant Plus is 'Detection Made Simple' so your facility management teams can make the most informed and efficient first-response decision for your company, as well as your clients and shareholders."

Capable of detecting pathogenic and allergenic mold spores, Informant Plus is designed to military specifications. The test is based on an immunochromatographic assay.

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