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Hygiena’s New SuperSnap Testing System Enables Accurate and Timely Verification of Endoscope Cleanliness

Hygiena, a leading provider of microbial detection, monitoring and identification solutions, has introduced its SuperSnap testing system, which provides high sensitivity, real-time verification of the cleanliness of endoscopes and other reusable medical instruments in just 15 seconds. This quick process highlights whether the initial cleaning steps have been effective, so the instruments can then be disinfected, sterilised and reused.

Operating on the powerful and proven adenosine triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence technology, SuperSnap offers simple and dependable detection of ATP, a common component of all body fluids and bacteria. The system generates immediate, objective results, allowing for the rapid assessment of cleaning procedures and the timely undertaking of corrective actions. SuperSnap is a thousand times more sensitive than conventional protein detection systems, offering increased confidence in results. The system can be used  at multiple stages within the reprocessing workflow to facilitate the success of later disinfection and sterilisation procedures, which are dependent upon effective cleaning.

“Owing to their complex structure and design, endoscopes are very hard to clean. In addition, their high usage rate means that the available time for cleaning is short. Research has shown that more than 30 percent of endoscopes are inadequately cleaned, and even drying cabinets have been identified as sources of contamination. As such, diligent and thorough reprocessing is necessary to avoid cross-contamination and infection,” explains Dr Martin Easter, Chief Scientific Officer at Hygiena. “SuperSnap enables the quick and easy verification of cleaning on a daily basis, providing greater assurance of safety and containment of risk within the whole facility.”

SuperSnap is an integrated, all-in-one disposable device incorporating robust reagents and a swab for surface sample collection from the hand controls and distal end of the endoscope. A long swab is also available to collect samples from the internal channels.  AquaSnap is another integrated device designed to collect liquid samples and can be used on the same system to verify water quality. All of the test devices generate results in the sensitive EnSURE luminometer in 15 seconds. The systems also incorporate Hygiena’s SureTrend software package for the easy recording of test data and tracking of results. These data can be used to generate graphs and reports that detect cleaning issues, identify personnel training needs and monitor the overall cleanliness of an instrument inventory over time.

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