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Generex Announces Distribution Contract For Rapid 1-2-3® Hema HIV EXPRESS® in Chile

Generex Biotechnology Corporation today announced that its subsidiary, Hema Diagnostic Systems, LLC, has entered into an exclusive contract with Imerlab Sociedad Comercial Limitada  for the distribution and sale of the Rapid 1-2-3® Hema HIV EXPRESS® diagnostic test in the Republic of Chile.

Imerlab imports and distributes medical devices, reagents for clinical diagnosis and diagnostics products for private and public hospitals, clinical laboratories, pathology departments and research facilities utilizing a network of regional distributors throughout Chile, under the management of Juan Carlos Gonzalez Henriquez, its General Director.

The Rapid 1-2-3® Hema HIV EXPRESS® has been registered by the Chilean Ministry of Health and approved for sale there. Imerlab will have the exclusive rights to negotiate with both private entities and public institutions for the placement and sale of the product in clinical settings that require rapid point-of-care testing for HIV, not only in urban hospital and outpatient clinics, but also in parts of the country that have limited laboratory and testing resources.

The Rapid 1-2-3® Hema HIV EXPRESS® is designed for quick and reliable point-of-care testing with minimal procedural steps. It is performed by drawing up a single drop of blood, procured by a simple finger stick, onto a collection pad which is then fitted with a reagent pod which activates the immunological reaction to determine if HIV antibodies are present or absent. Results are ready within 15-30 minutes and are read visually. The test is highly accurate in detecting antibodies to HIV and has the benefits of low cost for resource poor settings, simplicity in usage which reduces testing error, availability of results in real-time that allows the clinician to make on-site treatment recommendations and minimal training requirements for clinic staff and personnel. Its utility is strongest in medium and poor income countries.

HIV in Chile is increasing at an alarming rate. According to a report issued by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in July, 2017, Chile is the Latin American country with the highest rate of new HIV infections among adults since 2010, with new cases being diagnosed at a 34% rate increase between 2010 and 2016.

These figures substantiate the urgent necessity for improved and rapid diagnostic techniques and tests for the identification and prompt treatment of HIV in Chile.

Dr. Harold G. Haines Ph.D., the President and CEO of Hema Diagnostic Systems, stated; “We welcome the addition of Imerlab into our growing list of international partners who sell and distribute the Rapid 1-2-3® Hema HIV EXPRESS®. Imerlab is especially positioned to bring much needed rapid testing capability for HIV into Chile and we look forward to helping them in the ongoing effort to diagnose HIV and AIDS, with the ultimate goal of reducing illness and death due to AIDS in that country.”

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