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HelixBind Awarded Grant to Accelerate Development of Culture-Free Test for Bloodstream Infections

HelixBind, Inc. announced a collaboration with CARB-X, (Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Accelerator), a global partnership funding the development of promising new antibacterial products and diagnostics. The company is eligible to receive up to $2 million based on certain milestones supporting the development of a test for bloodstream infections on the company's proprietary RaPID diagnostic platform.

RaPID/BSI targets patients suspected of sepsis, a systemic inflammatory response to a bloodstream infections (BSIs). With approximately 30 million cases and 6 million deaths annually worldwide, sepsis is a global healthcare priority. Early and accurate diagnosis is vital to proper disease management as prognosis deteriorates hourly, but current diagnostic techniques relying on culture may take days for results. RaPID/BSI will provide identification of pathogens and resistance mechanisms within hours and direct from blood.

"We believe RaPID will enable clinicians to place patients on targeted antimicrobial days sooner, leading to better outcomes, reduced time in the hospital, and improved antibiotic stewardship," said Alon Singer, PhD, Founder and CEO of HelixBind.

In announcing the award, Kevin Outterson, Executive Director of CARB-X said: "HelixBind's diagnostic project is an exciting addition to the Powered by CARB-X portfolio, building the number of diagnostics in the portfolio and enhancing its diversity.  The ability to identify infections and drug-resistant bacteria in a timely manner will enable doctors to treat patients more effectively and save lives."

About CARB-X

CARB-X is one of the world's largest public-private partnership devoted to early development antibacterial R&D. Funded by ASPR/BARDA and Wellcome Trust, with in-kind support from NIAID, CARB-X is investing up to $455 million from 2016-2021 to support innovative antibiotics and other therapeutics, vaccines, rapid diagnostics and devices to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections. CARB-X focuses on high priority drug-resistant bacteria, especially Gram-negatives. CARB-X operates through Boston University. Other partners include RTI International, the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, MassBio, and the California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI).

About HelixBind, Inc.

HelixBind is a privately held company devoted to improving the diagnosis and management of invasive infections.  Its proprietary RaPID platform provides culture-free characterization of bacterial and fungal pathogens and resistance mechanisms direct from patient specimens, enabling clinicians to quickly diagnosis and monitor infection to ensure prompt and appropriate care.

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