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Qiagen Launches New Bacterial Detection Kit in Europe

Qiagen has announced the launch of its new Artus T. vaginalis QS-RGQ Kit in Europe after received CE Mark approval for the new offering.

The molecular diagnostic test has been optimised for the qualitative detection of the protozoan parasite T. vaginalis in both female and male patients, using real-time polymerase chain reaction methods to analyse clinician-collected vaginal swabs, endocervical swabs and urine samples.

Configured for use with the QIAsymphony SP/AS and Rotor-Gene Q instruments, the test is suitable for assessing both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, and can aid the rapid diagnosis of a bacteria responsible for 170 million to 190 million sexually-transmitted infections each year.

Trichomoniasis is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, infertility, postoperative infections, cervical neoplasia and an increased probability of HIV transmission. It is widely underdiagnosed due to a lack of routine testing and the low sensitivity of current diagnostic methods.

Michael Nugent, vice-president and head of infection and immune diagnostics at Qiagen, said: "This molecular test offers timely and sensitive detection of T. vaginalis in a wide range of sample types from both male and female patients."

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