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Mologic Signs Agreements with Two Medical Companies for Distribution of Point-of-Care Test

Mologic (developer of personalised diagnostics) has signed agreements with two medical companies, Medisur and Peripal, for the distribution of a rapid point-of-care (POC) test for the detection of infection in patients on peritoneal dialysis (PD) — PERiPLEX.

Both medical companies involved in this agreement specialise in the development and distribution of products that enable patient self-management. Under the terms of the agreement, they will supply PERiPLEX as part of a product portfolio in key European markets including France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

PD is becoming widely accepted as a preferred method for managing end-stage renal disease as it offers greater patient mobility and independence compared to other dialysis options, as well as being gentler to residual kidney function in early-stage disease. Recurring infection, or peritonitis, is a major issue for PD patients especially as there is no effective diagnostic test that can provide early indication of infection. Using current methods, diagnosis of infection can take more than 24 hours, which risks damage to the peritoneal membrane, or the formation of scar tissue, preventing long-term use of PD.

The rapid POC test detects two critical biomarkers of infection in PD waste fluid using a lateral flow immunoassay system and provides a visual result within 10 minutes. A positive result indicates to patients that there is an infection and therefore can be used to initiate contact with their healthcare provider for antibiotic therapy.

Earlier identification of infection can enable pre-emptive antibiotic therapy, resulting in improved management of infection and prevention of infection-related damage to the peritoneal membrane.

“Establishing a global distribution network is integral to Mologic’s product commercialisation strategy,” commented Mark Davis, co-founder and CEO at Mologic. “With the appointment of distributors across Europe we will ensure PERiPLEX is available to more patients, giving them greater choice and the confidence to monitor their dialysis at home. Medisur and Peripal share our mission to improve the lives of patients by bringing diagnostics and treatment closer to home, and with highly complementary product portfolios, we look forward to working together.”

The PERiPLEX technology was developed following a collaborative project with Cardiff University Medical School, funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

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