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Redberry Unveils Red One®, its New Rapid Microbiology Technology at Forum Labo Paris from March 26th to 28th 2019

Redberry, founded in 2017, announced today that it will present its new Rapid Microbiological analysis platform, Red One®, for the first time at Forum Labo Paris 2019. Redberry will offer live demonstrations at its dedicated booth. “Red One® can detect microorganisms instantaneously and deliver a quantitative result. The workflow is fully automated, which makes it very easy to use.

Visitors will be able to experience it themselves,” says Jonathan Macron, CEO of Redberry.

First applications are water microbiological tests, for the water industry (potable & industrial) and the pharmaceutical industry. Other developments are ongoing for the food and cosmetics industries. “Our technology shows potential beyond the field of industrial microbiology with applications in Research and Diagnostics,” says Dr. Joseph Pierquin, Founder and CTO of Redberry.

Fully automated, Redberry technology detects single cells but also micro-colonies at very early stages of growth. Using advanced image treatment techniques, the patented system tracks and analyzes the assimilation of staining agents by the targeted cells. This real time analysis enables differentiation of targeted cells from non-viable particles with a high level of reliability.

In the field of industrial microbiology, Red One® delivers instantaneous results in most cases, while traditional methods, requiring a phase of culture and growth, will deliver typically in a few days. “Our product is fast, easy to use, and reliable. As a complement to classical tests in labs, it sets the path for routine testing, closer to our customers’ processes.” explains Macron.

Redberry is preparing a test campaign on potable water in the Paris area by end of 2019, in collaboration with a specialized laboratory. “We will compare with other methods and test our system in the real world,” says Dr. Pierquin. “It is also an important step in our development as we are working on an automated online control solution that we could launch in 2020.”

About Redberry SAS

Redberry is a private company specializing in instrumentation and devices for Life Sciences and Health, located in the East of France (Strasbourg area). The six-person team develops and commercializes a new range of fully automated systems for Rapid Microbiology applications. Red One® is its first available product.

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