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PathogenDx Becomes First Sponsor of Illinois Hemp Growers Association

PathogenDx, Inc., the Arizona based technology company which has developed an Ultra-rapid DNA-based customized pathogen testing platform for the cannabis, food and agricultural sectors, announced today a partnership with the Illinois Hemp Growers Association (IHGA). The partnership, which includes a sponsorship, comes at a time when the hemp industry is gaining momentum as a cash crop in America.

Illinois has always been synonymous with the agriculture of corn and soybeans, but since the U.S. Farm Bill made hemp production legal in December 2018, Illinois has grabbed hold of the opportunity to establish itself as a leader in industrial hemp production. Like many crops, farmers and producers need to safeguard their plants from pathogens that can destroy profits and threaten public health.

PathogenDx's clean testing technologies are used by more than 90 laboratories around the country to help ensure regulatory approval for growers, processors and supporting businesses. The company's EnviroX clean testing solution allows growers, processors and producers to get biomass rapidly tested for dozens of pathogens that are wreaking havoc on the industry, as well as swab production and storage facilities to mitigate contamination of the product regardless of the stage of process it is in.

"We have the opportunity to build a safe supply chain right from the start - not one that only catches tainted product when it hits the lab or is already in the public realm," said Milan Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of PathogenDx. "We are excited to partner with IHGA to set a new safety standard for the burgeoning hemp industry that will protect farmers and consumer health."

"We are pleased to announce that the Illinois Hemp Growers Association is being sponsored by PathogenDx," said Rachel Berry, Founder and CEO of the IHGA. "Our partnership will bring awareness to and help establish standards of product purity that are critical to the developing Illinois hemp industry."

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