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Covaris Launches Novel Viral RNA Extraction Kits for Swab Collection Devices Including Those Used for COVID-19 Detection

Covaris, Inc. announced the release of two new kits for viral RNA extraction from nasal or throat swab sample collection devices. The first is the truXTRAC® Viral RNA Extraction kit using Puritan® Swabs, which contains all components for AFA-enhanced extraction and magnetic bead-based purification of high-quality RNA from synthetic swabs for downstream analysis. The second is the truXTRAC-PCR Direct Viral RNA Extraction kit, which can be used directly in real time RT-PCR assays without prior purification, provided an internal control is included.  Covaris is currently working with a Chinese customer to evaluate these novel active extraction kits for use with assays for the COVID-19 virus.

In the containment of a potential epidemic, accurate diagnostics are critical for the foundation of the epidemiologic studies used by authorities to decide on the best course of action. A failed QC process or false negative result for the COVID-19 virus does not necessarily indicate that the analytical technology was inaccurate. Advanced analysis cannot compensate for a sample that was poorly extracted and incompletely prepared. For example, both real time RT-PCR for rapid detection and/or high-throughput sequencing for metagenomic studies require effective pre-analytical sample preparation. Jim Laugharn, Founder and CEO of Covaris commented, "Robust and efficient sample preparation is the key to reducing false negative results when processing difficult input biological samples such as swab specimens. Our goal is to standardize and simplify workflows using active acoustic processing."

Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) is a proven technology for active extraction of labile, low frequency biomolecules from complex, difficult biological samples. Utilization of Covaris AFA-technology in conjunction with Covaris lysis and purification reagents greatly enhances recovery of nucleic acids from high surface areas, such as CDC-recommended synthetic swab tips, as compared to passive extraction methods (e.g., vortexing etc.). In addition, Covaris has demonstrated equivalent recovery of viral nucleic acids from dry-stabilized whole blood on swabs, as compared to fresh blood.  

Covaris is actively supporting customers, organizations, and government agencies in their development of robust and accurate detection assays.

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