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Rubix Developing Rapid Coronavirus Detection Device Modeled After Ebola Diagnostic Tool

Rubix LS Isolated Protein Binding Receptors in Ebola and Leishmaniasis Providing Rapid Spectral Analysis of Key Proteins in Real Time Its Technology Now Being Fit to Target Coronavirus

RubixLS deployed rapid diagnostic and elemental detection tools while working on pilot studies on Ebola and Leishmaniasis to countries like India and West Africa.  According to Rubix LS CEO Reginald Swift, "The technology is currently being fitted to specifically target 2019-nCoV by targeting amino acid isolates and mutative protein binding changes from bronchoalveolar fluid through breath."WHO declared coronavirus (2019-nCoV) global health emergency, the rapid scale in which China, U.S, U.K and now India have produced exposure symptoms to coronavirus has according to reports caused more than 100 deaths, 7,700 cases and rising reported so far in China, 8 cases now reported in US, latest reported in Massachusetts same state as Rubix LS is headquartered.

The CDC Newsroom telebriefing of January 30, 2020, states incubation period for coronavirus could be up to 14 days.   When asked if it is possible to detect this virus before somebody is symptomatic, Dr. Nancy Messonnier from CDC responded, "We don't know yet, and we're looking closely to see if we can.  There are two distinct ways.  One is part of our looking at the contacts around these cases is taking samples from them and perhaps hoping that not only will we fulfill a public health mission by doing that but trying to learn more about how the virus is transmitted.  There also are serological tests developed in the United States and elsewhere that could potentially help us learn more about a population level how exposure is taking place."  The CDC  confirmed in separate release that it has spread between two people in the United States, representing first instance of person to person spread with this new virus here.  According to the CDC, MERS and SARS, the other two coronaviruses that have emerged to cause serious illness in people, have also been known to cause some person-to-person spread.

"Rubix LS incorporates an AI/ML platform to specifically isolate protein binding receptor modifying behaviors that were able to target the prediction and precursor of disease evolution and potential patient diagnosis, is quickly adapting new epidemiological findings to build accuracy in its findings," states Swift.  "Our technology utilizes several skin-based sensor technologies, that is configured with communication tools, that can detect and provide a rapid spectral analysis of key proteins in real-time to a custom designed platform for data capture and validation from Rubix LS' secured databank indexed from major health agencies and research institutions globally."

Rubix LS is incorporating its AI platform toward rapidly characterizing the "spike protein" changes that identify key differences from what is observed through 2019-nCOV, SARS & MERS within minutes.  Powered by an AI platform, Rubix LS is looking to augment epidemiological datasets gathered to accurately target key configurations of mutation properties that represent a critical understanding in developing a vaccine.  The results are intended to be used with companion clinical diagnosis from credentialed health care professionals.

"At this present time, Rubix LS is in contact with the CDC to initiate development program to deploy pilot study to rapidly aggregate data to disseminate to the greater scientific community and WHO authorities to deploy robust countermeasure activities worldwide," concludes Swift.

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