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Luina Bio And XING Technologies Set To Manufacture New And Fast SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Kit

Luina Bio announced they have been selected to partner with XING Technologies (Brisbane) to co-develop and manufacture a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) diagnostic kit. The COVID-19 detection technology is based on a temperature-stable molecule utilising Xing patented technology.

XING is looking to fast-track the development and regulatory approval of the diagnostic kit to meet customer needs in USA, Europe and the pan-Asian region. These customers have been looking for a fast and accurate point-of-care antigen test as a superior alternate to existing serology tests which measure immune response. The test being developed by XING and its partners is focussed on detecting the live virus itself, a reliable indicator of infectivity.

Luina Bio will be developing and implementing the manufacturing of key protein reagents in yeast. These proteins are central to the XING COVID-19 diagnostic test. “It is estimated time to GMP production using the Luina FMP™ systems will only take 24 weeks from project commencement to completion” says Luina Bio CEO Les Tillack. “Flexibility is key to being able to respond to important rapid development programs like this” he said.

Luina Bio and XING are proud Queensland companies, supporting Queensland jobs in the globally competitive life sciences sector. These reagent product’s will be entirely developed and manufactured in Queensland.

About Luina Bio

Luina Bio is one of Australia’s most experienced biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing organisations, offering an inclusive set of services including cGMP manufacture in TGA/APVMA-licensed facilities of recombinant proteins, vaccines, and synthetic molecules for human and veterinary uses. Luina Bio’s Flexible Bio-manufacturing Platform, Luina FMP ™ was developed from over three decades of contract manufacturing experience, knowledge and expertise. 

About XING Technologies

XING Technologies is an Australian healthcare biotechnology company using patented nanotechnology to develop, manufacture and commercialise novel, disruptive diagnostic and monitoring platforms with global distribution potential. The Company’s service and product lines currently span from cancer care to rapid nucleic acid and protein detection diagnostics as well as nanoparticle capture agents to identify and prevent spread of pathogens such as that of COVID-19.

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