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PRESS RELEASE: Nissui Pharma Solutions Launches its Mycoplasma Detection Kit in EMEA

Image created by Dr. Michael J. Miller

Nissui Pharma Solutions (NPS), European subsidiary of Nissui Pharmaceutical Japan, commercialises contamination detection kit for the production of cell culture derived biopharmaceutical products. 

MycoFinder, our rapid mycoplasma detection kit, has been validated in accordance with the EP 2.6.7, USP 63 and JP 17 and is now commercially available throughout EMEA. MycoFinder uses real-time fluorescent PCR to ensure sensitive detection (below 10 CFU/mL) of mycoplasma. The kit is simple and quick to implement for product screening and batch release in laboratories where time is of the essence.

MycoFinder: sensitivity, simplicity and speed 

MycoFinder is in a PCR tube strip format with all the components of the Master Mix freeze-dried in each PCR tube. This allows preparation of PCR reactions in minutes, the Master Mix is resuspended simply by adding 25┬ÁL of DNA sample directly into the tubes. 

The kit is compatible with most commercially available thermocyclers due to two formats of PCR strips (white and clear). The ease of use of the MycoFinder kit, combined with the optimised Master Mix, results in PCR data in less than one hour.

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Christopher Tarabay

Commercial Director NPS

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