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PRESS RELEASE: ReadyGo and Gemina Laboratories to Develop a Rapid Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Diagnostic Test

Image created by Dr. Michael J. Miller

ReadyGo Diagnostics Ltd. (ReadyGo), a specialist in isothermal molecular diagnostics, today announced that it has entered into an assay development agreement with Gemina Laboratories Ltd. (Gemina), a Canadian company that specialises in fast, affordable and accurate diagnostic tests.

ReadyGo will develop, optimise and validate an assay for the detection of MTB for Gemina to run on ReadyGo’s off-grid isothermal diagnostic platform, Geo. The Geo platform provides rapid results in any location in under 30 minutes and is expected to play a crucial role in the diagnosis of MTB within near patient settings which would greatly improve patient management and outcome.

MTB is a highly infectious airborne disease. There were over 10 million MTB infections globally in 2021 resulting in 1.6 million deaths. In addition, it was estimated that 4 million infections (2 in every 5 cases) remain undiagnosed and patients do not access treatment which impairs the ability to control the disease. Diagnosis in low- to middle- income countries, where the disease is most prevalent, generally involves smear microscopy from sputum samples. However, there are significant limitations to these tests, especially in remote settings and in diagnosing certain patient demographics such as children and the elderly who have difficulties producing sputum.

The diagnosis of MTB is therefore a serious and challenging healthcare issue. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended the use of molecular diagnostic tests which can accommodate the use of alternative sample types such as saliva which would make testing more accessible. ReadyGo’s partnership with Gemina aims to address these recommendations and provide a test that can replace smear microscopy with a simple saliva sample which would provide a sample to answer result anywhere within 30 minutes.

Brian Firth, CEO of Gemina, commented:

"I'm excited about our partnership with ReadyGo Diagnostics. Our goal at Gemina Labs is to create better diagnostic tests for respiratory diseases. We focus on tests that are effective at the front line of patient care whether that be in the field, the home or the primary clinic. For this reason we've been impressed by ReadyGo's platform, Geo and what it could mean for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. I'm really confident that by teaming up with ReadyGo, we'll be able to create a fast and accurate TB detection solution that can make a real difference in improving patient outcomes all around the world."

Ben Cobb, CEO of ReadyGo Diagnostics, added:

"I'm really excited about our partnership with Gemina to create a simple platform for diagnosing tuberculosis. Having worked in this field for a long time, I know that a low-cost triage tool that can replace smear microscopy is desperately needed, especially in places with limited resources. We are proud of the progress made so far, and we're committed to becoming the go-to development partner for companies looking to create simple, cost-effective molecular diagnostics for different settings." 

ReadyGo Diagnostics is a rapidly growing diagnostics company that designs, develops and commercialises novel sample collection devices and diagnostic platforms. Our proprietary technology molecular diagnostic platform, Geo, permits low cost decentralised testing in under 30 minutes. Snap™ transforms sample preparation by elegantly combining sample collection with sample processing into a single, user-friendly disposable to provide optimal and reproducible results using molecular, biochemical and lateral flow tests. Snapshot™ combines this sample collection and processing architecture with an integrated molecular test to provide an all in one solution for diagnostic testing.

About Gemina Laboratories Ltd.

Gemina Laboratories Ltd. is a biosensor and diagnostic company with a transformative, patented, proprietary chemistry that powers next-generation testing platforms for a wide range of pathogens that affect human health and wellness. Our technology drives testing platforms that are fast, affordable and accurate, and easily self-administered. Our development pipeline includes platforms for the rapid testing of COVID-19, influenza and other viruses.

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