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PRESS RELEASE: Opteev to Debut Multiplex Biosensor that Detects and Identifies Virus and Bacteria Pathogens in Under 60 Seconds

Image created by Dr. Michael J. Miller

Opteev Technologies, Inc., a Baltimore-based pioneering technology company at the forefront of diagnostics, will be debuting its groundbreaking multiplex biosensor at the BIOMEDevice medical device expo in Boston on Wednesday, September 20th. Opteev’s impedance-based biosensor is capable of detecting and differentiating an extensive array of virus and bacteria pathogens in a single test in an astonishing 60 seconds with over 99% accuracy.

The biosensor achieves fine-tuned specificity by carefully selecting specific organism-binding peptides, enabling accurate identification of bacteria and viruses in complex samples. 

The company’s novel device offers a complete paradigm shift in healthcare, environmental monitoring, food safety, and at-home testing. In healthcare, the lightning-fast biosensor paves the way for the first comprehensive syndromic multiplex testing available at the Point of Care, enabling doctors to remove diagnostic guesswork so they can provide targeted treatment in real time. Furthermore, the technology grants air purifiers and HVAC systems the advanced functionality of identifying harmful pathogens to trigger immediate purification, affords rapid identification of foodborne pathogens from supply chains to home kitchens, and provides comprehensive diagnostics for at-home testing. Moreover, its adaptability to detect novel viruses upon receiving genetic sequencing data presents public health agencies the ultimate tool for surveillance and containment of future outbreaks.

“Imagine a world where over 70% of medical decisions aren’t mere educated guesses. That’s the change our biosensor brings to healthcare,” emphasized Dr. Mesfin Meshesha. “No longer will comprehensive diagnostics be a waiting game or a matter of affordability. And its impact resonates far beyond the walls of a clinic. Whether it’s ensuring the air we breathe is safe or providing society a fortified way of defending against future pandemics, our innovation ushers in a new era that will set the benchmark for decades to come.”

Conrad Bessemer, Opteev’s Chairman and Co-founder, further emphasized the disruptive potential of the technology: “BIOMEDevice Boston serves as a platform for us to not only introduce our novel biosensor but also to invite potential collaborators to join us. Together, we’re poised to reshape diagnostics and maximize the unprecedented potential of our technology.”

For a closer look at this revolutionary device, Opteev will be exhibiting its Multiplex Biosensor at the BIOMEDevice Boston event at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on Wednesday, September 20th and Thursday, September 21st at Booth #945.

As the company continues to advance diagnostic innovation, Opteev welcomes discussions on collaborations and partnerships, emphasizing a shared vision for the future of pathogen detection and infection diagnostics.

About Opteev Technologies, Inc.

Opteev Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, MD, is an innovative technology company at the forefront of diagnostics. A subsidiary of Novatec, Inc., Opteev combines deep expertise and an unwavering commitment to push the boundaries of rapid pathogen detection and diagnostics.

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