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PRESS RELEASE: Sysmex America Becomes Exclusive Distributor of vermicon VIT® System in Canada, Latin America and Americas

Sysmex America, Inc., a leading diagnostic solutions company, has been named the exclusive distributor of vermicon identification technology (VIT®) System in Canada, Latin America and all the Americas. The VIT System is an all-in-one test kit for the wastewater, beverage, mineral water and food industries that delivers unparalleled precision in quantifying microorganisms. The complete kit includes the VIT® microscope, VIT® test kits, VIT® Cam, VIT® Vision software and all consumables.

"Our customers will benefit from the robust VIT System that provides much needed convenience, speed, specificity and reliability, especially for wastewater testing," said Andy Hay, CEO of Sysmex America. "The VIT System is an innovative solution that simplifies the detection of microorganisms in a broad variety of industrial applications."

The VIT gene probe technology, an advanced iteration of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH), has become the industrial standard for microorganism detection. With minimal hands-on time and rapid analysis, the process uses VIT gene probes that are highly specific for single species or whole groups. Cells are not destroyed in the sample, there is no extraction of target structures and interference-sensitive enzymes are not required.

Among its applications, the cost-effective, comprehensive kit can be used to detect the number of bacteria present in wastewater and drinking water, which is crucial in many production processes.

"The VIT System allows highly specific, innovative and future-proof analysis of microorganisms for all sectors of industrial microbiology, directly in your lab," said Dr. Jiri Snaidr, founder and CEO of vermicon AG. "It provides everything required for conducting analysis, visualization, evaluation, documentation and follow-up archiving of microbiological analyses."

About Sysmex America

The combination of Sysmex America's new testing methods and innovative hematology, urinalysis, information systems and flow cytometry testing technology are transforming the future of healthcare and contributing to healthier lives. As America's regional affiliate of Kobe, Japan-based Sysmex Corporation – a trusted global leader respected for optimizing the efficiency, operations and financial performance of clinical laboratories – it offers diagnostic products that equip patients and the healthcare professionals who treat them with the information needed to make decisions with greater trust and confidence. Forbes magazine named Sysmex one of the most innovative companies in the healthcare equipment and services category, and the Center for Companies That Care named Sysmex America to its "Honor Roll." 

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