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InDevR Announces the Availability of Their Virus Counter for Rapid Virus Quantification

InDevR (Boulder, Colorado) announced the availability of the Virus Counter for rapid virus quantification. The Virus Counter is a unique bio-analytical tool that enables scientists to measure virus particle concentration within minutes. Unlike conventional plaque titer assays, which take days to complete, the Virus Counter provides accurate virus quantification in less than 10 minutes. The unprecedented efficiency and accuracy of virus quantification with the Virus Counter is anticipated to dramatically accelerate vaccine and antiviral therapeutic research and development. The Virus Counter represents the next generation of compact “personal” flow cytometers designed for a specific application. The Virus Counter works for both RNA and DNA viruses and researchers will find that the instrument assay is fast, cost-effective, and easy to use. For purified viruses, the assay involves a simple staining step followed by a 5- to 10-minute analysis on the Virus Counter. Virus Counter InCyt software is intuitive and features real-time data analysis that further reduces the time-to-results.

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