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Seegene Announces Multiplex Real-Time Detection System

Seegene announced SeePrep™ and SeeCycler™, new clinical instrumentation optimized for Seegene's multiplex real-time detection tests. SeePrep performs automated magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction, and SeeCycler is an automated detection system for processing samples in real-time. With the addition of these equipment Seegene is now able to provide a complete molecular diagnostic workflow optimized for its multiplex tests, including nucleic acid extraction, amplification, real-time PCR testing and data analysis. Seegene is also pioneering a new category of multiplex PCR technology that enables the simultaneous detection of viruses and bacteria in a single reaction.

Seegene's innovative real-time PCR method, READ™ (REal Amplicon Detection), is a powerful technology that overcomes the limitations of conventional real-time PCR. READ™ is totally different from current probe- (TaqMan, Molecular Beacon, etc.) and primer-based (Scorpion, LUX, Sunrise, etc.) real-time PCR methods, and opens new opportunities for highly effective pathogen detection. The Magicplex™ System is a two step process system based on READ™ technology that amplifies multiple target genes and then selectively detects the amplicons on a real-time PCR platform. The system provides maximum sensitivity and specificity by detecting the amplicons produced by the first amplification step. This unique process overcomes the limitations of conventional PCR and real-time PCR testing methods, such as low specificity and sensitivity, limited multiplexity, high re-test rates, long processing cycles and narrow range of applicable specimens for testing.

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