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vermicon AG Develops the World's Fastest Identification and Quantification Method for E. coli and Coliform Bacteria

Microbiology specialist vermicon AG from Munich, Germany, developed an innovative detection system for efficient and cutting-edge water monitoring outlined for industrial clients. Within only 12 hours the most relevant drinking water bacteria Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria can be identified and absolutely quantified.

Drinking water has to be thoroughly tested due to legal regulations. The main focus lies on the indicator bacteria E. coli and other coliforms. Conventional methods take up to 48 hours for producing results. Not in time for quickly detecting contamination or quickly releasing locked down pipe lines. With vermicon's VIT gene probe technology analysis time is reduced drastically and safety is maximised instantly: Gene probes penetrate the bacteria and make them shine highly specifically. This not only allows for specific identification but also provides exact quantification of the microorganisms within the investigated sample.

vermicon has developed a detection system for coliform bacteria and particularly E. coli which allows the highly specific identification and simultaneous quantification of bacteria contained in water samples: ScanVIT-E. coli/Coliforms. The system is based on the innovative and reliable ScanVIT technology which is already applied for the detection of Legionella. With this system in one sample all E. coli cells and in parallel all coliform bacteria are detected. Thus, you get two conclusions in one test.

After filtration the water sample is cultivated shortly. After 9 hours at most the grown micro-colonies are identified precisely and quantified absolutely by using the gene probe technology. Absolute quantification means that every grown colony of E. coli or other coliform bacteria is identified specifically and counted subsequently.

With this testing system vermicon offers the world's most rapid detection system for identification and absolute quantification of E. coli/coliforms. Within only 12 hours the test presents highly specific quantitative and qualitative results. It provides users with entirely innovative testing options – and forms the basis of a highly efficient and cutting-edge water monitoring system.

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